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Susan Singer

About Teaching and CourseSource

That “Aha!” moment when a student makes a connection or grasps a complex idea has kept teaching undergraduates fresh and exciting for more than three decades. Each time I enter a classroom, I embrace the challenge of leaving my students with a deeper understanding of genetic linkage, flowering, or other concepts than last time I taught. My job is to create engaging problems and crisp, clear explanations and examples that support students in fully participating in their learning.

Creating genomics teaching modules has left me with a deep appreciation for the beauty and value of high quality teaching materials based on design principles, informed by research, and accompanied by the full suite of supporting materials for others to implement and assess the success of the resource with their own students. CourseSource epitomizes what Lee Schulman framed as “teaching as community property.” Our students benefit when we can bring the best work of many colleagues, aligned with core disciplinary ideas, into the classroom. With CourseSource, we can all enjoy more “Aha!” moments with our students.