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Please Share Your Innovative Online Lessons

Dear CourseSource Community,

We know this is a time of stress and uncertainty. We also know you are doing many things that are making a difference for your students, institution, family, friends, community, etc. Thank you!

For many of us, the change to remote teaching has been sudden and unexpected. We know that not everything will go perfectly but there likely will be new life science lessons that work well and help you connect with your students. We want to encourage you to share those lessons by publishing them in CourseSource.

Also, for those of you who already have been teaching undergraduate life science classes online, we would like to learn from your experience and creativity. Please consider publishing your lessons with CourseSource.

And finally, if you modify a current CourseSource lesson for an online and/or remote-teaching format, you can publish an essay or new lesson article about the reformatted version. It would be exciting to see how current CourseSource content could extend beyond its initial intent.  

We know you are likely very busy, but if possible, taking time to publish your work in CourseSource will provide great benefits to the life science instructional community. Instructors all over the world will be able to learn from your innovative ideas. They can find your articles on the CourseSource website using metadata tags such as the course subject they are teaching (e.g., introductory biology, genetics) and selecting “on-line” under course type.  

Thanks to current support from an NSF IUSE grant, there is no cost for publishing your articles and all of the materials are open access. Instructions for authors can be found here:

CourseSource has editors and reviewers ready to help you get your work published. You can add your peer-reviewed publication to your C.V., and promotion and job application materials. We also share the latest publications through social media. 

If you would like additional help publishing your lessons, please consider applying to the CourseSource Writing Studio. We are having two Writing Studios online this summer. More information is here: Applications are due on April 20th.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Wishing you health and peace,

Michelle Smith, Editor-in-Chief and Erin Vinson, Managing Editor