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Small Molecules - Cellular Homeostasis [METABOLOMICS & SYSTEMS BIOLOGY]

Bioinformatics Learning Framework

Society Learning Goals Articles Sample Learning Objectives
Small Molecules - Cellular Homeostasis [METABOLOMICS & SYSTEMS BIOLOGY]
Where are data about metabolomics and systems biology found and how are they stored and accessed?
  • Describe how metabolomics data are represented (e.g. Human Metabolome Database, METLIN Database, etc.)
  • Describe the different metabolomic databases that are available.
  • Describe the types of metadata that accompany metabolomic data to make for useful biological interpretation.
How can bioinformatics tools be employed to examine flow of molecules within pathways?
  • Perform a GO analysis to identify the pathways relevant to a set of genes (e.g., identified by a transcriptomic study or a proteomic experiment).
  • Use the KEGG pathway database to look up the interaction network of a pathway.
  • Interpret the data from experiments (e.g., mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.) to determine levels of small molecule metabolites.


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