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Protein Targeting & Trafficking

Cell Biology Learning Framework

Society Learning Goals Articles Sample Learning Objectives
Protein Targeting & Trafficking
How are cellular components targeted and distributed to different regions and compartments of a cell?
  • Discuss the differences in structure of a protein occupying its target destination in the cell and immediately after translation from the mRNA.
  • Explain the mechanism and function of the unfolded protein response and its value to the cell.
  • Compare the general mechanisms that allow some newly synthesized proteins to be released into the cytoplasm, whereas others are directed into other cellular compartments.
  • Identify the different cellular compartments in a eukaryotic cell and their main functions in the cell.
  • Analyze data to determine the path taken by a protein that normally resides in an organelle/compartment or is secreted from the cell from its site of synthesis to its final destination.
  • Given data on effects of drugs and other functional manipulations on entry of various molecules and particles into the cell, determine what pathway is used for entry.
  • Compare the molecular recognition events and mechanisms required for movement of proteins through different uptake and secretion pathways.


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