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Organization of Matter and Energy Flow

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Plant Biology Learning Framework

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Organization of Matter and Energy Flow
How do plants obtain and use matter and energy to live and grow?
  • Create a diagram showing how inorganic carbon is assimilated into organic compounds in plants and overlay this with the flow of energy through the plant.
  • Trace the path of movement of inorganic nutrients from soil into the aboveground part of the plant.
  • Compare the roles of mycorrhizae and root nodules in the uptake of inorganic materials in plants.
  • Identify the two inorganic molecules that are used to produce the majority of a plant’s mass, and indicate their sources.
  • Explain how the availability of soil microorganisms has supported or limited the growth of economically important plants.
  • For a terrestrial ecosystem, analyze the flow of energy among organisms.
  • Explain why plants can grow in a closed terrarium.
  • Choose a class of organic compounds other than sugars and, in general terms, explain the carbon and energy sources for synthesis of these materials.


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