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Information Processing/Signal Transduction

Plant Biology Learning Framework

Society Learning Goals Articles Sample Learning Objectives
Information Processing/Signal Transduction
How do plants detect, process, and interpret information from the environment?
  • Construct a representation of a molecular receptor for a physical or biological signal that clearly shows how the signal is detected and how information is conveyed from the receptor to the plant cell.
  • Compare and contrast a signaling pathway that leads to the activation of a cytosolic enzyme and a pathway leading to changes in gene expression.
  • Choose a stimulus that has an immediate response in a plant and a stimulus that results in a response days or weeks later; compare and contrast the information processing in the two examples.
  • Diagram how a signal from a plant is perceived and acted upon by another plant.
  • Compare and contrast how a plant detects, processes, and interprets information from an herbivore and a pathogen.
  • Provide examples of how herbivory alters plant growth.


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