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Gene Expression and Regulation

Genetics Learning Framework

Society Learning Goals Articles Sample Learning Objectives
Gene Expression and Regulation
How can gene activity be altered in the absence of DNA changes?
  • Discuss the roles of types of RNA other than mRNA in expressing genetic information.
  • Contrast the packaging of DNA into euchromatin versus heterochromatin in the context of histone modification, and DNA modification (where applicable)
  • Defend how most cells can have the same genetic content and yet have different functions in the body.
  • Discuss the potential roles of DNA modification, histone modification, and non-coding RNA in epigenetic inheritance, both somatic and germline
  • Discuss environmental impacts on epigenetic systems
How do genes and genomes control changes in an organism's structure and function throughout its life cycle?
  • Describe how differential histone modification modulates gene activity and is utilized in developmental progression .
  • Use a model systems to describe investigations of evo-devo.
  • Describe genetic cascades; use the sex-determination cascade to explain how differential gene expression can result in the development of different sexes.
  • Explain how polarity is established in a developing embryo using gene expression gradients.


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