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Discovery requires objective measurement, quantitative analysis and clear communication

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Learning Framework

Society Learning Goals Articles Sample Learning Objectives
Discovery requires objective measurement, quantitative analysis and clear communication
What is the scientific process?
  • Accurately prepare and use reagents and perform the required experiments.
  • When presented with an observation, develop a testable and falsifiable hypothesis.
  • When provided with a hypothesis, identify the appropriate experimental observations and controllable variables.
  • Determine averages and standard deviations to relate the significance of experimentally obtained data.
  • Use equations and models to predict outcomes of experiments.
  • Use appropriate equations to analyze experimental data and obtain parameters.
What skills are needed to access, comprehend and communicate science?
  • Identify, locate and use the primary literature.
  • Use databases and bioinformatics tools.
  • When provided with appropriate background information, identify consistencies and inconsistencies.
  • Explain the big picture aspects of current challenges in the molecular life sciences.
  • Use visual and verbal tools to explain concepts and data.
  • Translate science into everyday examples.
What constitutes a scientific community of practice?
  • Explain the importance of and keep an accurate laboratory notebook.
  • Given a case study, identify both scientific and societal ethical aspects.
  • Explain cross-disciplinary concepts such as modularity, energy, modeling scientific phenomena, change over time and the differences between stochastic and deterministic phenomena
  • Access and interpret safety information and conduct lab work safely and ethically.
  • Give and take directions to be an effective team member.


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