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American Society of Cell Biology

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The American Society of Cell Biology (ASCB), founded in 1960, is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. They are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.


Kathryn Miller
Editor Degrees: 
  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine    
  • BA in Chemistry, Lawrence University 
About Teaching and Course Source: 

I have primarily taught an upper level developmental biology course that is writing intensive and uses primary literature to engage students in critical thinking, data analysis and supporting their ideas with data and logical arguments.  I try to foster science literacy and process of science in my courses. I also teach a seminar, based on Entering Mentoring for graduate students and post-docs who are interested in mentoring undergraduates in the lab.  I am active in several groups that seek to foster change in Life Sciences education and see CourseSource as a valuable resource to help fuel that change. 

Cell Biology